My Commitments

Your Voice on the Hill

My job in the legislature is to be your voice on Utah's Capitol Hill. Too often our voices are sidelined by special interest groups, judicial imprudence, executive overreach or simple lack of interest. My commitment in being your voice is to listen, to make myself available, to consider all sides and multiple alternatives, and support legislation that would produce the best outcome for residents in District 7 as well as the state. My goal is to educate the voices in our community to ensure that you understand the issues and outcomes. 

Uphold the Constitution


I consider the Constitution to be an inspired work that helps to protect our God-given rights. My oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Utah will be taken seriously and considered my highest priority. Our Constitution is designed to protect us from government extending beyond its intended purpose. Protecting our citizens is the most important duty of our government. 

From the Republican Platform, we read: "We are the party of the Constitution, the solemn compact which confirms our God-given individual rights and assures that all Americans stand equal before the law. Perhaps the greatest political document ever written, it defines the purposes and limits of government and is the blueprint for ordered liberty that makes the U.S. the world’s freest, most stable, and most prosperous nation. Its Constitutional ideals have been emulated around the world, and with them has come unprecedented prosperity for billions of people." 

Small Government

I believe that our city, state and federal government should be limited in size and scope. As a member of the state legislature, I will encourage participation of the private sector in as many areas as possible to keep the involvement of state, federal and local government at a minimum. Privatization of government services should be carefully considered and in many cases can be performed by the private sector more economically and more efficiently. I espouse a strong Republican point of view regarding the size and scope of government; it should be as small and unobtrusive as possible. I support a self-sustained state by participating in the fewest number of federally-funded programs as possible. I believe our state should be self-sufficient and not participate in the federal government's spending deficit whenever possible. Commitments that require overly-burdensome, unsustainable or intrusive ties to federal programs for Utahns need to be closely scrutinized. Often, the trade offs for big federal money are these very types of commitments that cost far more than they would without the intervention of the federal government.   

Fiscal Conservatism & Responsibility

As a father of four, a business owner, treasurer for several non-profit organizations, and city council member, I understand the importance of living within our means. My practice has been to ensure that purchases/investments are affordable and timely. During my tenure on the City Council, I championed a savings plan that would not only consider long-term, future capital projects, but earmarked a percentage of surplus toward a savings plan that would fund those projects with little to no debt or bonding. Public funds should be considered 'sacred' funds and should be spent in the best interests of our residents. A long-term, rainy-day mentality will keep us in the best fiscal environment possible. I applaud the economic status of our great state and support ongoing efforts to be fiscally conservative. When appropriations are allocated, careful consideration of needs versus wants should be made--understanding, at times, investment should be made in order to ensure long-term sustainability of positive economic growth.

Smart Planning

Utah is an incredible state in which to live. My goal, as a state legislator, is to maintain or increase our appeal. As a member of the North Ogden City Council, I support legislation being made at the level that is as close to our citizens as possible. I am an advocate of preserving our natural resources, encouraging smart residential growth and significant business growth within our commercial areas while protecting property rights of our residents.

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