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  • commented 2014-12-26 14:03:48 -0700
    Justin, let’s use this time of low gas prices to do a 10 cent increase in the State gas tax. We want good roads in Utah.
  • commented 2014-12-04 22:09:35 -0700

    There are two issues that I would like to speak to you about. I ask that you support one, and not support the other.

    1. I ask that you support the governor’s proposal with regard to the health care of those in need. I don’t know what it is called, but he was on the news today talking about it. It is the right thing and you need to support him.

    2. I am very upset about our state Republican party suing over to overturn the agreement on party elections. I was in attendance at our caucus meeting last Spring and I witnessed how a very small group of people control the primary process in the party. I have since come to the conclusion that it is not right for such a few to corner control of the party. I ask that you represent the voice of the people by sharing our concern within the Republican Party. I will never again contribute to the Utah Republican Party if they continue with this action. You guys are going to have a revolt within the Party if you persist in defying the majority of your party’s members.

    I do appreciate the good work you did on the City Council and that now do as our state representative.
  • commented 2014-10-31 14:33:03 -0600
    Justin, can you explain to me why the candidates for State School Board WILLARD Z. MAUGHAN & SPENCER F. STOKES do not provide a bio, affiliation or any information on who they are? How in the world can we make informed decisions on this critical position given the recent challenges to our State’s effort to educate our (my) children?
  • commented 2014-10-30 19:34:46 -0600
    My mistake, I grabbed the wrong District s/b 7.
  • commented 2014-10-30 19:32:11 -0600
    There is some heft traffic on FB among a few of my friends and their friends regarding the approvals of monster, noah’s ark, toxic mushroom etc. I bet you could win some votes if you talked to them. But don’t make promises as did Ms. Adams and then never speak another word. The current discussion is 2676 South 1500 East.
  • commented 2014-10-11 16:48:57 -0600
    Hello my name is Thomas Huber, and I am a constituent in your district. I would like to discuss your position on stream access. This is a very important issue to me (and my family), and I believe in the people’s constitutional right to recreate in all waters of the State of Utah. What is your stance?
  • commented 2014-09-18 17:48:45 -0600
    I would like to put some signs in my yard for you. I live on a corner so I could put on on each side of my home.
  • commented 2014-07-11 15:30:46 -0600
    Please vote against the bill to change Daylight Saving Time. Most people want to keep it the way it is. See my letter to the editor in the Standard Examiner which will publish shortly.
  • commented 2014-06-23 17:04:00 -0600
    Please, please stop calling me. Once or twice I understand, but I have received 15 or 20 phone calls and voicemails with the same information. It has become downright annoying and if this is your tactic to win votes it has failed miserably.
  • commented 2014-06-03 17:11:31 -0600
    I am wondering would you support an Article V Convention. Information regarding our movement is located in both links under my signature block. I do live in your district and Mr. Wilcox voted against an Article V last session. The language was not that of our organization but a specific amendment balancing the budget. Apparently he must believe the monetary policy of the federal Government is fine. Our language is to propose amendments limiting the power of the Federal Government. This is more in line with the Constitution as written. I would be glad to sit and speak with you at any time in regards to this project.

    Allen Boettcher

    Convention of States Project

    State Director, Utah

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    “Men for whom god is dead worship one another. ” (Harry Crewz)
  • followed this page 2014-06-03 06:57:56 -0600
  • commented 2014-05-17 09:49:29 -0600
    I would like to know you opinion on common core.
  • commented 2014-05-14 06:59:01 -0600
    I would like to know you feelings on the bike riders, pedal type?

    Do you feel they belong on the road and with a 3 foot clearance ? And riding on roads without a shoulder?

    Your feelings on riding in Odgen canyon?

    I would appreciate your take on this issue..


    Curt Hone

    Sent from CH
  • commented 2014-05-11 02:51:43 -0600

    I’m working with the Sierra Club on endorsements for the upcoming election. If you would like to be considered, please send me the best email address where I can reach you.


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